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A New Word: ioia

ioia – n.the wish that you could see statistics overlaid on every person you encounter – checking the signal strength of their compatibility, a measure of their trustworthiness. I...


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DBA and Developer: Allies or Adversaries?

In the expansive landscape of software development, the relationship between Database Administrators (DBAs) and Developers has been a subject of intrigue, debate, and occasional drama. Do they collaborate harmoniously...

2024-05-10 (first published: )

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Degrees and Trade Schools

Can we normalize a couple of things? 1 – Trade Schools. Back in the 80’s trade classes in high school and post high school were frowned upon, or looked...


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Using Flyway with Feature Flags


There is a nice article at on their use of feature flags and...

Microsoft Build event announcements on Fabric


There were a number of Microsoft Fabric announcements at Microsoft Build yesterday that I wanted to...

6 Can’t-Miss Basic SQL Courses to Learn in 2024: Your Fast Track to Data Mastery


Ready to dive into the world of SQL? Whether you're dreaming of a lucrative...

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Monitoring if something is deleted in DB

By Martass

Hello, I have long-term task, which came one year ago, and just now I...

LOGON Trigger Count

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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Invisible Downtime

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Invisible Downtime

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LOGON Trigger Count

I have the need in SQL Server 2022 to create a complex set of checks for logins. I want to use Longon triggers, but I'd like to separate out logic. How many Logon Triggers can I create?

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