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25 Years of Redgate

I’m in Austin today, ready for the Redgate Software 25th Birthday celebration. The company started in 1999 and this is their 25th birthday. All of our offices are celebrating,...


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Copilot in Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Copilot is an app that uses AI to help you find information, create content, and get things done faster (see What Is Copilot? Microsoft’s AI Assistant Explained).  Copilot is...

2024-07-17 (first published: )

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Updating dbatools–Fixing the Certificate Failure


I was trying to update my dbatools install to test something and go this...

Classifications and sensitivity labels in Microsoft Purview


I see a lot of confusion on how classifications and sensitivity labels work in...

PASS Data Community Summit: A Personal Journey


As someone attending the event since 2011, I would like to share my personal...

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Since AWS RDS MSSQL does not support logon trigger, is there any alternative way...

How to get a distinct value from my data set

By skaggs.andrew

Hi, I need help with writing a script that will allow me to pull...

How To Approach Adding A primary Key To An Existing Table

By YSLGuru

In our vendor created/managed DB we have a table that is like an audit...

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