Out of Memory


We had a major out of memory error on ASP.NET this morning and I woke

up to a few dozen messages from concerned people about the errors in

the forums.

Grrrrr. A quick reboot solved the problem an IIS restart didn't. I knew

that there were major improvements in the restarting of a site in IIS

6.0, but our web is running 5.0 on W2K. So I rebooted rather than try

to solve it. I could see that of my 1.3GB of RAM in the web server over

500MB was eaten up by ASP.NET.

It's something I need to research and also order more memory. It's a

DELL that takes 3 banks of 3 with 2 banks full, so I'm likely shooting

for another 2GB to add. Not cheap 🙁