Online Protection


Grr, it's annoying, but it's a good thing.

After the ASP.NET errors, I ordered memory a few days ago from They had a decent deal, $184 for 1GB, but they've been

good to me, so I'll stay loyal. $10 or $20 isn't worth it. So they send

a message back late Friday that says the billing address is wrong. We

have a company address, but the company card is on a different one. So

I change that and then get a note today that the shipping address is

different than the billing address. I used a company card for SSC so I

wasn't floating money, which I hate doing. So they can't ship.

That's annoying. So I have to try and track things down with the bank,

get my address added, and then get memory that I can drop into the


In the meantime, I did some searching for potential ways to

troubleshoot ASP.NET stuff, but most of it is written for IIS6 (W2K3),

not W2K. So I'm digging through 90 Google results that all link to the

same two whitepapers from MS or to threads that are nonsensical and not