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Memory Leak


A couple of days ago I noticed that the index rebuild for the search

engine was failing at night. In line with that, a few people reported

getting some errors about the engine running out of memory when

searching for things. As usual, I could not duplicate their results,

but I decided I needed a reboot anyway.

So I planned on doing one Tuesday night after my meeting for our neighborhood's architectural committee.

And forgot.

So I planned on Wed. after my board meeting.

And forgot.

Then today I noticed that one of the message jobs that unsubscribes

people had failed. So I tried to run it and got a memory error,

actually a Windows error that some collection in DMO could not be

filled. So I decided not to chance my failing memory again and rebooted

around 9:45am MST this morning. Everything went well, which was good

since I had a 10:00 appt with a friend

Now everything appears to be running fine. The database server has been

live for months, but I'm a little worried now that there is some leak

in the search engine. It's been getting hit hard lately.