Friday Reading 2018-01-26


It’s moving weekend! Hopefully two hard days and then I’ll be all settled in my new place. Cannot wait.

Inbetween packing all my belongings into cardboard boxes, I’ve been reading…

Linux Containers on Windows (LCOW)

Stefan Scherer (b|t) shows us how to run Linux containers side-by-side with Windows containers. Sadly it doesn’t work for SQL containers yet, but still really cool.

Dealing with Disappointment and Learning from Failures

Catherine Wilhelmsen (t) takes us through the range of emotions she experienced after a disappointing SQL Saturday (this is a must read for any speaker)

The world of Automatic Tuning – SQL Server 2017

Arun Sirpal (t) details the new auto-tuning feature in SQL 2017 (very cool)

Introducing the new Dv3 and Ev3 VM sizes

Old post from the Azure blogs but crucial to know if you want to run Docker in Azure (self install)

Parallelism in Hekaton (In-Memory OLTP)

Niko Neugebauer (t) goes through something interesting quirks that he’s discovered in Hekaton

Have a good weekend!