Early Christmas

Steve Jones, 2005-12-16

At least for me 🙂

My wife and I put an offer in on a house this past Monday and spent all week kind of on pins and needles. It was a foreclosure, so someone lost it and the bank owns it. There were two offers in on Monday, so we revised ours Mon night and just heard last night that we got it!

So it’s an early Christmas for us and we’re very excited to be moving in January.

It’s funny that our decision to look at a house is so similar to job hunting. We bought this last house (the one we currently reside in) almost 3 years ago and were really thinking this would be the last move for 15 years until the kids got out of school. At the time, it was a relatively short commute for me, a nice house with lots of land (2 acres) and we thought it was great. We built a barn last year and it seemed that things were going well.

But things change and we’re miles from where we were last summer, not to mention 3 years ago. The kids have all changed schools for various reasons and my wife is more interested in her horses than ever, to the point where she’s building a business and making money.

So we thought about moving and actually getting a smaller mortgage. I was skeptical when we started, but we found a fantastic house, with more land and we should sell our house for more than we’ll pay for the new one. And it’s a great house, getting me excited to move.

My job hunting has turned out to be similar. Make the best decision at the time when you are looking or have an offer without spending too much time thinking down the road. I’ve seen life take some amazing turns and planning to far in advance has never worked that well for me. In jobs or houses.

So if I don’t post a lot in the next month, chalk it up to packing and taping and cleaning this house!





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