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Done and Out


for a week. I'm leaving for vacation and leaving

in the capable hands of Andy. He'll be sending out some canned

editorials as he's pretty busy at work, may be some interesting

articles coming our way soon, so if things don't appear, it's his fault


Actually things should be fine and I'm loading my Dell 9300 up with

scripts and such to be ready for the trip. If I need to, I can sneak

down a few blocks to the Jewish Mother, a Va Beach

instituion/restaurant/bar/deli/wireless access spot, to help things


Had some interesting SQL discussions this week with friends. One

looking to get the edition (Std, Enterprise, etc) from a server without

it being running. The other working on performance issues, some funny

interview stories, and more. Despite a slow SQL Server week in the

news, it's been an interesting SQL Server week here.

Enjoy yourselves, get testing on SQL Server 2005, and send some more

articles. I've got a bunch going now, but it seems to come in waves, so

I'd rather have a few more weeks worth in the pipeline. You might think

that no one will learn anything from you or that everyone else has

already learned the mistake you just made, but I guarentee you're

wrong. Write something down and I'll work with you to get it published.


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