A Broken Linux VM

, 2018-06-04

I have no idea if this is the best thing, but I went to boot up a Linux VM today and got this:

2018-05-23 09_35_37-Ubuntu 64-bit SQL Server .210 - VMware Workstation

My Linux skills are rusty, but this looks like a disk error. I rebooted and found this:

2018-05-23 09_39_33-Ubuntu 64-bit SQL Server .210 - VMware Workstation

A search on Stack showed this page: https://askubuntu.com/questions/697190/fsck-error-on-boot-dev-sda6-unexpected-inconsistency-run-fsck-manually

I ran the utility, and answered yes to about 20-30 items. I have no idea what to do, but I figured this was worth a try. Once this completed, I rebooted again.

The boot sequence in text took awhile, with a “start job” running about about 2 minutes on the disk device. While 2 minutes isn’t that long, it’s an eternity when you are hoping something works.

Eventually it completed and I found this:

2018-05-23 09_45_33-Ubuntu 64-bit SQL Server .210 - VMware Workstation

Good news, as I wasn’t looking forward to rebuilding the machine. It’s just a lab machine, but I need to check something that day, and so I needed it. While installing Ubuntu and SQL Server is fairly quick, it’s still time.

Fortunately things appear to be working and I can connect from SSMS to the server, so I’m guessing things are mostly working. Fingers crossed.





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