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24 Hours of PASS


Image a full day of SQL Server and BI training. Even better yet, a full day of FREE training. Well PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server) is offering just that. A full day of FREE training. No not 8 hours, but a full 24 hours of FREE training. 

This event will be online and broadcasted via live meeting. Each hour will be hosted and moderated by a PASS chapter throughout the world. I'm thrilled to say that I will be representing the Denver SQL Server User Group and hosting Hour 21 featuring Kalen Delaney of SQLearning, Inc. speaking on What's Simple about Simple Recovery Model.

There are a host of other top notch speakers for this event. Two of which are out of Colorado: Paul Neilson author of the SQL Server Bible series speaking on 10 Big Ideas in Database Design and Steve Jones of SQL Server Central speaking on Building a Better Blog.

When does it start? 00:00 GMT (UTC), which is:

New York: 8 pm (Sept. 1)

Chicago: 7 pm (Sept. 1)

Denver: 6 pm (Sept. 1)

San Francisco: 5 pm (Sept. 1)

London: 1 am (Sept. 2)

Paris: 2 am (Sept. 2)

Moscow: 4 am (Sept. 2)

Sydney: 10 am (Sept. 2)

To register and more information, visit the website at:

Marc Beacom  ...


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