Girish Ganesamanian Tirunelveli

I have 28 years of programming experience, including building cloud native applications, APIs, CICD, site reliability, data strategy, AI, and ML. I have worked in the Salesforce platform since 2016 and have extensive experience with database technologies like Oracle, MNySql, Postgres, MySql, and MemSql. I have managed teams at Amazon Web Services, American Express, City of New York, University of Winnipeg, Monsanto Canada, North West, and Commercial Clearing House (CCH). My experience in technology and management has allowed me to manage teams, implement technology, and drive innovation. My ability to motivate teams to produce high-quality software solutions has accelerated the revenue growth of many organizations.
  • Interests: Music, reading, coding
  • Skills: Python, Salesforce, PostgreSQL

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Transform your Winning team into a Champion Team

Businesses worldwide now operate on a team basis, and a high-performing team is crucial for high-performing organizations. Winning teams are more focused and better than regular teams. They focus on synergies and achieving significant results. They are an extension of regular teams with a higher sense of commitment to objectives and mutual purpose. Winning teams have a clear mission and achievable performance goals for each member, aiming for extraordinary goals. They are more committed to the vision and have a passion for achieving the mission. Winning teams work collaboratively to discover new work approaches, principles, and practices, focusing on decision-making, creative problem-solving, industry standards, and effective communication. They establish processes from beginning to end to complete tasks effectively. The difference between winning team and a regular team is very clear. However, what makes a winning team a champion team. This paper aims to provide valuable insights into the differentiating factors of a champion team from a winning one.

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