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Display Defragmentation Of Selected Tables

This script will display the defragmentation of table(s) all indexes of selected tables and display a table/list of the DBCC SHOWCONTIG. It will aslo will report if there are tables in the list that can't be found in the current database. Run the script in the database where the tables you want to check are.Check […]

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Check if someone use a database or not

I manage quite a few hundred databases across the company. Time to time I get a question if I can check wheather a database is beeing used or not, and if it is, by whom?There are probably a 1000 ways to do this, but I've created a script for creating a scheduled job that runs […]

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SQL Server Quickie #46 – SQL Server on Linux


Today I have uploaded SQL Server Quickie #46 to YouTube. This time I’m talking...

Giving a Security Webinar this Wednesday


If you haven’t already signed up, on November 29, 2023, at 11 AM Eastern...

Write to backup block blob device failed. Device has reached its limit of allowed blocks.


Picture this, you’re happily backing up your database to a Azure blob storage until...

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An Incomplete Window Definition

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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