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My personal journey in an intricate world of data and continuous effort to make it more structured and well understood can be found in this blog.

I live and work in Canada - see my profile on LinkedIn.

Switch activity in Azure Data Factory: Container with many IFs

(2019-October-16) Developing conditional logic of your Azure Data Factory control flow has been simplified with introducing of the Switch activity - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/control-flow-switch-activity. Official documentation resource states, this new data factory activity "provides...

2019-10-29 (first published: )

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Daily Coping 22 Apr 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Altering a Computed Column in a Temporal Table in Azure SQL


System-versioned temporal tables were introduced in SQL Server 2016. They provide information about data...

Basic OFFSET–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

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