Rayis Imayev

My personal journey in an intricate world of data and continuous effort to make it more structured and well understood can be found in this blog.

I live and work in Canada - see my profile on LinkedIn.

Power of Unlearning

(2021-Jan-31) Working on DIY home projects is always fun, choosing the right tools: whether I handle paperhanging scissors to cut my wallpapers, or create an opening and trim my drywall...

2021-02-10 (first published: )

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T-SQL Tuesday Retrospective #015: Automation


In February 2011, Pat Wright invited us to talk about Automation: So the topic...

Daily Coping 12 May 2021


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

Updated Pluralsight Course – Managing the Kubernetes API Server and Pods


My updated course “Managing the Kubernetes API Server and Pods” in now available on Pluralsight here! If...

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