Ramunas Balukonis

Ramunas Balukonis works as DBA for VPMarket, UAB (Lithuania), the biggest retail operator in the Baltic States. Current activity is to implement a SQL Server data warehouse and MS OLAP solutions for his enterprise.

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Analysis About Dimensions

SQL Server Analysis Services includes the ability to capture information about every query run against a cube. Author Ramunas Balukonis showed us last time how to query this data. This time he brings us a method of interperting which dimensions are actually be used in satifying Analysis Services queries.

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SQLServerCentral Article

Analysis About Analysis Services

SQL Server is an amazing business intelligence platforum, including many tools that other vendors force you to buy separately. New Author Ramunas Balukonis is working with this platform and has built a system that helps him perform analysis on just what his Analysis Server is doing.

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Drop Indexes

This script drop all indexes from table, including Primary Key contraint. First it del nonclustered indexes, then clustered and at last - drops PK contraint. This scirpt is useful, when you need drop all indexes, like when doing ETL process.

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