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  • I would really like to follow the direction provided, but I don't have a copy of the "food mart 2000" database.  Thus your article brings no value to me.  I can't learn by doing, it does not explain what analysis service is about.  It is just step by step instructions.

  • You can try with any other cube of your database.


  • Hi, the file fn_resolve_dataset.txt seems to be missing, may I have a copy of it?

    I'm doing performance tuning in a SQL Server w/ Analysis Services 2000 (all 32bit) in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Is there any way I can query the biggest Dimensions there is amongst the different databases in Analysis Services? Or this can only be done by looking at the "dimension files" in each database folder? (a bit tedious because there are around 100 analysis services databases)

    Also, can I query if each dimensions or cubes are MOLAP, ROLAP or HOLAP? I just need to know the count for each in all databases available.

    Lastly, a performance tuning question, say I have a Windows 2000 Advanced Server with /3GB switch enabled with 4GB of physcail RAM, and with the following settings:

    HighMemoryLimit / Memory Conservation Threshold = 2600 mb

    MinimumMemoryLimit / Minimum Allocated Memory = 800 mb

    Read-Ahead Buffer Size = 16mb

    Process Buffer Size = 256 mb

    VLDMThreshold = 50 mb

    I also have SQL Server Enterprise 2000 and Analysis Services 32-bit installed in the same server.

    Now, my question is, will the Analysis Service's HighMemoryLimit account each memory for every dimensions exceeding VLDMThreshold value? Or the HighMemoryLimit is just for the main process (msmdsrv.exe)?

    Another thing that I'm a bit confused about is that for example, Analysis Services takes up say 2000mb, and SQL Server takes up 1700mb, so that's 3700mb (out of 4000mb physical ram usage). Now if each large dimensions that exceeds the VLDMThreshold value is not part of the HighMemoryLimit, then say I have 10 dimensions exceeding the VLDMThreshold value with 50mb each, so that's 500mb, then the total memory used is now 3700+500 = 4200mb (out of 4000mb physical ram). Will this be an issue? Or will Analysis Services just page out unused memory? In this scenario, will it help if I place say a total of 8000mb of physical ram in a Windows 2000 Advance Server - given that more and more VLD will come into play? (noting that AWE is not supported by Analysis Services) ; or is it just that I have reach the architectural limit for both Windows 2000 Advanced Server and Analysis Services 32-bit?

    And most importantly, any advice on how to not crash our servers due to "out of memory" issues?

    Will decreasing the HighMemoryLimit help? So that the "cleaner thread" will begin cleaning in a more earlier time? Right now the goal is "availability", rather than query performance. Or will decreasing VLDMTreshold value help as this will spawn several msmdvldm.exe that has its own virtual memory space, saving the main process msmdsrv.exe from getting out of memory?

    Best Regards,

    Henry Wu

  • Can somebody provide me the copy of the store proc. fn_resolve_dataset.txt

    Its urgent!!!!!

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