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Run a blackbox trace

There is a script for setting up a blackbox trace on SQL 2000 described by Kalen Delaney in "Inside SQL Server 2000". Since I can never remember where to look it up I wrote this simple stored procedure to run the blackbox trace when I need it. This should be used with caution as it […]


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Get list of files from dir and put in table

This stored procedure reads the file names from a directory and stores just the names in a given table. It returns also the number of files present. The sp uses xp_cmdshell and so permissions are restricted to sysadmins and SQLAgentCmdExec. You can test with the following: Create Table ##tmp2 ( fldx nvarchar(255) ) Declare @FilePath […]

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New Job -> Week 2 -> Creating a Checklist


This is part of a series of new job blog posts. You can find...

SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out


SQL Server 2022 Administration Inside Out is now available for pre-order from Microsoft Press. This...

WIT/DEI Mental Health and Wellness Day Challenge to Present


Back in December 2019, I started presenting my session on mental health with lots...

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