DTS-Less and Jobless Approach to Table Freshness

How about getting the data when the table data is first queried?  The following script checks to see if the specified table (@MyTable) has been updated today.  If so, just return the data found.  If not, then get the data from a "fresher source".  Great for ASP that performs table reporting and needs "baked daily" […]


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Send True SMTP Mail using CDOSys instead of CDONTS

SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2000 Only.Microsoft suggest using CDOSys rather than CDONTS.  CDOSys stands for Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000 Subsystems.  Below is a script that allows you do do just that.  NO EXCHANGE REQUIRED!!  Sample sends the user HTML Mail!Be sure to change @ServerIPAddr to your SMTP server.


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Here's a stored procedure version of udf_CharIndex for SQL Server 7.Sample Usage: DECLARE @iPos INT DECLARE @nRet INT EXECUTE @nRet = sp_CharIndex 'W', 'Hello World', @nPos = @iPos OUTPUT IF @iPos > 0   PRINT 'found' ELSE   Print 'not found' PRINT @iPos  --Only uses on character.


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View/Edit ASP Script from From SQL Server 7.0/2000

Ever want to display (and edit) ASP code from the original .asp file?  (like PHP's PHPInfo() function).To setup:  * Just create a .asp with SQL Server connectivity.  * Change @IISHostNameWWWPath to match your servername      -OR-     if SQL Server is on the same machine, use the next     line instead. (see […]


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Azure Databricks to Power BI


A very common approach is to query data straight from Databricks via Power BI....

SQLSaturday #1000! Join Oregon Virtually this Saturday


Honored to be a part of not just SQLSaturday #1000, but the long proud...

Azure DevOps–Reconfiguring an Agent


This post looks at how to re-configure a local Azure DevOps agent when you...

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