I have spent all my life creating applications, writing software and automating processes. My entire career has been an exciting journey that I'm very proud of. I had the privilege of creating one of the first websites in the world, built an application that was used to estimate traffic volumes in large cities such as Rome and Sao Paulo, created an accounting system, received a national award for my IT contributions.

Collaborating closely with exceptional talents from across the globe, I proudly hold the distinction of being a Microsoft charter member. My credentials encompass Microsoft certifications in SQL Server, database development, and Azure. Currently, I am diligently pursuing an Artificial Intelligence certification from Microsoft.

I have also embarked on a journey of knowledge sharing, with the publication of my inaugural technical articles, with more in the pipeline.
Outside the domain of computers, I enjoy cooking, going to the beach, jogging, writing, teaching and contributing as much as I can to make this world a better place for us all. If I don't feel passionate about something, I just don't do it.

Technical Article

Simple T-SQL implementation for running SSRS subscriptions.

I created this stored procedure to be able to run SSRS subscriptions using T-SQL code instead of adding a component in the SSIS package with the subscription id. Let's say we have a set of report subscriptions named like this: ClientReport1, ClientReport2, ClientReport3. To run them using the stored procedure, all we need is this […]

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2023-11-29 (first published: )

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Sensitivity Ranks

I want to use the ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION DDL to mark some columns in my SQL Server 2022 database as PII. Can I use this code?

    LABEL = 'Highly Confidential',
    INFORMATION_TYPE = 'Financial',

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