SSIS Scaleout: Cannot open certificate store on the machine


When attempting to connect a worker node to the current Master node of a...

Adding a License to GitHub


I’ve rarely thought about licensing my code, but it’s something to be aware of...

Weekly reading #29


The Data Breach Game: The 9 Worst IT Security Practices Joey D’Antoni shows bad...

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Automatic decimal round off

By VSSGeorge

Automatic decimal round off is happening for a column having datatype Decimal (6,2). I...

unable to restore db

By vsamantha35

Hi All, Unable to restore/refresh a database. I was able to kill the sessions...

cpu and duration of SQL profiler and cpu_time and duration of Extended event

By 892717952

Sorry for troubling you  for the following questions, thanks! 1. when I use SQL...

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