When Your Azure Data Catalog App Won’t Connect


This year I created a new presentation for introducing Azure Data Catalog.  I love...

Packet Pushers Podcast released


I am thrilled to have recently recorded a podcast with our friends over at...

Azure Databricks to Azure SQL DB


Recently I got to a stage where I leveraged Databricks to the best of...

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DBCC Shrinkfile on data file with Availability Group - Is it safe?

By pcostello

I need to shrink a data file on the primary replica of an availability...

SSRS 2014 - Page Break to follow a sub-report?

By sgmunson

Hi everyone, Really really need help on this one.   You would think that page...

Nested Json Parsing issue

By Paul Stasny

Greetings, I am having issues parsing the following Json string using openjson. I am...

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