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User-Created GENERATE_SERIES() Function for Older SQL Server Versions

In the world of SQL Server, adaptation is key. While the built-in GENERATE_SERIES() function was a valuable addition in SQL Server 2022, its absence in older versions created a functionality gap. Enter the user-written GENERATE_SERIES function. Adapted from Jeff Moden's "dbo.fnTally", it offers an efficient means to generate a series of numbers within a defined range in older SQL Server versions. Its design mirrors the built-in function in SQL Server 2022, making the transition between versions as simple as removing the dbo. prefix. This forward-thinking design reflects the ingenuity of the SQL Server community, ensuring a seamless, efficient database migration experience.

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2023-06-26 (first published: )

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Technical Article

A DateRange Table Valued function

The function is an inline table-valued function (or sometimes called a parameterised view) so it can be used just like a view or a table but needs parameters. It generates a single-column table of datetime2 with rows differing by any multiple of any of the dateparts that SQL Server provides.

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2019-08-29 (first published: )

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Updatable Views II

I have this view:

 cn.CityNameID, cn.CityName
 FROM dbo.CityName AS cn
How can I modify the view to make it is updatable with this code?
INSERT City (CityName) VALUES ('Dillon')

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