Josephine Bush has over 10 years of experience as a Database Administrator. Her experience is extensive and broad-based, including in financial, business, and energy data sectors using SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL along with Azure and AWS. She is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert: Data Management and Analytics. She holds a BS in Information Technology, an MBA in IT Management, and an MS in Data Analytics. She presents at SQL conferences and user groups around the world. She is the leader of the Boulder SQL user group. She blogs on sqlkitty.com and you can reach her on Twitter @hellosqlkitty.

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Azure SQL DB Failover Groups

In today’s fast-paced digital world, keeping your data safe and accessible is more important than ever. That’s where Azure SQL Database steps in, offering a suite of tools to...

2024-04-09 (first published: )

23 reads

Blog Post

Using SQL Elastic Pools

We use SQL elastic pools at work. I needed to learn more about their nuances and help you with some of their challenges. Setting Up Elastic Pools Here‘s some...

2024-04-05 (first published: )

423 reads

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Kusto (KQL) for Azure SQL Audit

According to Rod Trent, Kusto is named after Jacques Cousteau. He says, “We are exploring the depths of our data” by searching and querying our Azure log data. His...

2024-01-03 (first published: )

294 reads

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Azure Workbooks

I’m saddened that the Workspace Summary is being deprecated in Log Analytics Workspace. I am trying to reproduce it in workbooks. While it isn’t an exact match, workbooks provide...

2023-12-13 (first published: )

295 reads


A New Word: the Wends


the wends– n. the frustration that you’re not enjoying an experience as much as...

7 Best Online Advanced SQL Training Courses to Learn in 2024 and Beyond


The world runs on data, and SQL is the key to unlocking its secrets....

Manually Updating Redgate Monitor/SQL Monitor Patch Info


This post looks at updating the patch information for SQL Monitor/Redgate Monitor without using...

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Question of the Day

Default Objects in Clones

On SQL Server 2022, I do this:

USE model
(logdate DATETIME2(3), logmsg VARCHAR(2000))
I then create a new database:
I install a new database application in here with multiple tables, views, etc. I do not run any queries. I then decide to run this code:
What happens?

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