Hang Liu

With over 25 years of experience in database technology, I've excelled across diverse industries such as Financial Services, CRM, Retail, Entertainment, and Healthcare. Currently serving as a Data Architect at Healthcare Logic in Gold Coast, Australia, I embarked on my BI/DW journey in 2005. Bringing 15+ years of expertise in BI/DW, data analysis, and report development, I leverage technologies like SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, and Power BI. Actively contributing to the global DW community, I share insights on the Kimball Forum: http://forum.kimballgroup.com/spa/hang


EightKB 2024


EightKB is back! The biggest online SQL Server internals conference is back in 2024…it’s...

T Sql Tuesday 170: Learning From Abandoned Projects


T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly blog party hosted by a different community member each...

Elevate Your Data Leadership: A Unique Intensive Learning Experience


I’ve collaborated with two industry experts to design a transformative course for data leaders:...

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A New Audit

I have a brand new D: drive on my system that is formatted, but contains no files or folders. What happens when I execute this code?


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