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This post, like last week’s, is based off the presentation I did to the DBA Fundamentals virtual chapter.
The request was...

2016-03-02 (first published: )

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Beginning T-SQL and Career Roadmap for Women (and Men)! #SQLSatBR


Download session materials and watch the recordings of my excellent sessions on Transact-SQL and...

Actual Kubernetes


This post continues looking at my process of learning more about Kubernetes. I’ve been...

New product: Azure Data Share


A brand new product by Microsoft called Azure Data Share was recently announced. It...

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disable CEIP

By andreas.kreuzberg

Hi everybody, I just want to know, how to disable the CEIP service. I...

A Self-Tuning Fill Factor Technique for SQL Server – Part 1

By Mike Byrd

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IT Staffer Fired

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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