Peter Sloboda


Thoughts on Unique Resource Names in Azure


Each resource type in Azure has a naming scope within which the resource name...

Nonclustered index leaf records always contain a null bitmap – since SQL 2012


While testing a script that involved calculating index record size recently I was getting...

Using Framing for a Running Total–#SQLNewBlogger


Another post for me that is simple and hopefully serves as an example for...

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CPU and Memory issues

By garryha

I am a DBA  trying to get to the bottom of some instances when...

Error shrinking database

By Ram

While trying to shrink a database using the command "dbcc shrinkdatabase ([db_name])", I get...

Are Powerplans still relevant for VM servers?

By WebTechie

Hello, I am rolling out a new monitoring environment.  While in testing, it is...

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