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Stairway to SQL Server Indexes

Filtered Indexes in SQL Server: Stairway to SQL Server Indexes Level 7

A filtered index eliminates unusable entries from the index, producing an index that is as beneficial as, but much smaller than, an unfiltered index. If a certain subset of a table's data is frequently requested, a filtered index can also be a covering index; resulting in a considerable reduction in IO.


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Stairway to SQL Server Indexes

Bookmarks in SQL Server Indexes: Stairway to SQL Server Indexes Level 6

A nonclustered index entry consists of search key columns, included columns, and the bookmark. The bookmark value will be either a RID or the clustered index's key, depending upon whether the table is a heap or a clustered index. Choosing the best clustered index for a table requires that you follow three guidelines to ensure that the index key will make a good bookmark.

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