The End of Privacy: Tragically Comical Edition

It’s hard to avoid privacy-based stories at the moment, with growing concern over government snooping and the limits of power. But where I’m based, in the UK, there’s a new, fully-privatised invasion of privacy. One marketing company has created an outdoor wi-fi basestation that grabs your phone’s MAC address as you pass, with the idea […]


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Tuning People?

Database people are used to changing the hardware of the server on which a problem database resides, or making changes to indexes and database settings, but humans and their organisations are far more difficult to tune and optimise than databases.

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Fixing the PoSh Hotkey in ADS


I installed the PowerShell (PoSh) extension in ADS recently. This is available in the...

Capture Execution Plans Only For Long Running Queries


I love questions. Most of all, I love questions I can answer. I spotted...

Daily Coping 28 Sep 2020


I started to add a daily coping tip to the SQLServerCentral newsletter and to...

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Query Issue

By MannyR

Hi all, new here. I was using Access and almost finished creating what I...

Only return first matches per Id and calculate difference of dates in minutes

By SQL_Kills

Hi,   I have a the below table, from the result set I only...

SQL server 2019 CU7 removal

By sqlfriend

I just learned Microsoft removed CU7 for SQL server 2019. That is too bad...

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