Big Data: Cash Cow or Horsemeat?

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  • Dave Convery's rant on Big Data falls into the category of "let's criticize things we don't understand". I am in the process of installing our first attempt of using Big Data with Hadoop. I am finding it easy to install, quick to learn and integrates well with our legacy data. That is not to say that there isn't some learning curve but it certainly isn't the 'horsemeat' that Mr. Convery is trying to prove.

    I want to remind Mr. Convery that just because he has an opinion doesn't mean he should always express it. When you don't have the experience and then try to criticize things you don't understand, I'd suggest you leave the commentary to those who are qualified to make one. And while RDBMS platforms are not dying, DBA's who know RDBMS platforms and only RDBMS platforms are.

    I look forward to using Hadoop with our SQL Server 2012 data warehouse.

  • My point wasn't that there is anything inherently wrong with Big Data platforms, simply that people have underestimated the organizational change required to support it.

  • There were no organizational changes in either our support or installation of Hadoop. What am I missing?

  • If you're getting good, useful data out, then absolutely nothing. You may be lucky. It doesn't seem that many people are though, if massive, data-driven organisations like Zynga have struggled. Bear in mind that I am absolutely not talking about the technology, but the increase in analytical complexity over the BI most organisations currently have.

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