How Do We Learn?

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  • The downside is that the flexibility can quite easily turn into putting something off almost indefinitely – especially if it’s something I don’t need to immediately apply to something I’m working on.

    This is something that I definitely suffer from.

    I guess with so much to possibly learn that we all have to find ways to narrow (focus) our own learning but an important point is NOT to narrow it to zero . That way stagnation lies!!!


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  • Your article is very enlightening. I'm always trying to improve my skill sets however, it leads me to nothing but frustration at times. I try to consume as much knowledge as possible whether its working on the .NET Entity Frameworks or trying to improve my database programming skills. I would like to focus on one particular skill but in today's society having an arsenal of skills can be very rewarding is much needed in the workforce. The trouble that I'm having though is that my brain just can't hold all of the information that I'm attempting to consume. Sometimes I wish, my mind was like a SSD where I could pull back information at will amongst the countless books that I've read.

    I do have to agree that on the job training does help a lot; however, majority of the time we don't have to use the complex codes or algorithms that we yearn to try or attempt to implement into our code that we've read about. There's plenty of SQL methods that I've read about and tested but never had the opportunity to actually use in my query statements. Sometimes I think that it's futile to dive deep into new technology however, on the other hand you do sometimes come across a situation where you can say; hey, maybe I can use 'xyz' or do 'abc'.

    I guess my point is learning is a on-going process and the only time that I see myself not worrying about the next technology or ending the process is when they close that casket door.

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