Cary England


Azure SQL vCore vs DTU


If you are building database solutions in Azure , using Azure SQL Database then...

Synapse Analytics Spark Example 2 - ROW_NUMBER()


The next example is how to do a ROW_NUMBER(), my favourite window function. T-SQL SELECT...

Synapse Analytics Spark Example 1 - Group By


I have been playing around with the new Azure Synapse Analytics, and I realised...

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Transaction was deadlocked on lock resources with another process

By L_Goyal

I have table in SQL Server 2014. Please find the structure below: CREATE TABLE...

Conditional Column calculation

By aliasghar.09

Hello All, I have the following SQL Query, what I need is to have...

The media family on device incorrectly formed for read only file group restore

By thostenor

Yes the databases (source and destination) are the same version.  I have checked 3...

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