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Where is your Awesome?


Everyone of us is in a perpetual pursuit of awesomeness – some actively looking for it, while others passively. Either way, it is inherent in our making to reach for glory in our own small or big ways.

What is awesomeness?

Awesomeness is that overall positive and elated feeling you have when you are at peace with yourself and the world. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have sorted out your life or you have answers to all the problems out there, however it is a state of mind where you feel that you are capable of doing whatever you put your mind to – nothing can stop you! We might be talking about the epitome of awesomeness here, but like most things in life, pursuit of awesomeness is a journey, and you’d be feeling all around awesome and smiling to yourself if you are doing better today than you were yesterday. One unequivocal point to note is that loving oneself is a precursor to awesomeness. You can’t be awesome if you don’t love yourself. Period!


Why be awesome?

Why be awesome when you can be average, said no person ever! Every now and then, various aspects may get in our way and weigh us down. Shaolin master Shi Heng Yi explains this well in his Ted talk. The lion may get chased away by hyenas, but he is still king of the jungle! There comes a time in every man’s/woman’s life when they hear their calling and they bring their awesome on. Ever heard of an average Joe/Jane who became a success overnight – one name that comes to my mind instantly is Susan Boyle. Susan is a legend now, but she was laughed upon by lesser mortals while she was chasing her dream. How did she become so awesome overnight? You have to ask Susan to be sure, but I’d wager that she was always going to be awesome – she just didn’t know when and how exactly it was going to happen, but it had to happen! Okay, okay, why be awesome? Because your passion and ambition are so overpowering that nothing less would do!

Have you lost your awesomeness?

Awesomeness doesn’t stay forever. Do you know someone who remained awesome throughout their life? It is impossible, because life is a rough ride and no one has it easy. Even the best of the best have their dark and self-doubting days, after all we are all human. So, what’s one to do when they lose their awesomeness? Hint: You can’t be awesome if you don’t love yourself. ‘But I totally love myself’! Okay, that is good, but how are you expressing your love – are you doing things that make you genuinely happy, do you take time out for yourself, do you make yourself smile? Be at peace with yourself before you take on the world. While this may sound daunting, remember – it’s not a race, it’s just life and we are all in this together. Take one step at a time – slow is good, as long as your Today is better than your Yesterday.

How do you become, and stay awesome?

Before I reveal the secret to becoming awesome, let me remind you that my awesome is not your awesome. And your awesome is not anyone else’s, it is your own personal treasure. So, what exactly is it? Chances are you know it already, but if you don’t, you will soon figure out. Just bring your passion and ambition to the table, and it will soon unfurl itself. When you do find it, own it and embrace it, and make sure that you share your awesomeness. Guided by your instincts and positive intent, passion and ambition will usually take you on your journey of awesomeness. But, what if you lose track? Remember, life is a rough ride and often we encounter obstacles that unsettle us. If we lose track, it is okay to ask for help – chances are that someone else is sharing their awesomeness!

In the pursuit of my own awesomeness, I chanced upon Sidney Minassian. Sidney is a Sydney-based data and technology entrepreneur, and the founder of ImpactLadder. I first heard about Sidney through a short video he had posted on LinkedIn. Sidney’s ImpactLadder is a leadership development and coaching initiative. After attending one of his webinars, I signed up to his Leadership Accelerator program, which is a 4 week program where he teaches a powerful framework to maximize professional impact – which is my current goal. I am not at all a methodical person, and I found his structured approach very impactful.

So, many weeks later – am I oozing awesomesauce? Not really, but I feel empowered and on track to finding my awesomeness by implementing learnings from the program – I feel better today than I did yesterday. As Sidney would probably tell you, you don’t need a career coach to become your best self, but it does help. The secret to being awesome is that there is no secret! If you need help to become your new awesome, do reach out to someone who can help you and guide you. It is okay to ask for help!

Where is your Awesome?

Where is your Awesome? Do you have it? If not, please find it. You have my best wishes!

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