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Resize data file manually to prevent downtime

This script will resize the data file of a passed in database name and filename by 10%. It can run in 3 modes.Resize, INFO, HELP. RESIZE is passed into parameter @Mode when we know the database name and file we wish to resize. INFO is passed in when we only know the database name and […]

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Friday Flyway Tips–Comparison Options


Recently a customer asked how they could get index changes to be captured in...

A New Word: Guiltwrights


giltwrights  – n. the imaginary committee of elders that keeps a running log of...

Becoming Kristyna Ferris <3


Hey folks, fun personal post today. A few weeks ago, I got married! My...

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By Louis Davidson (@drsql)

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Drop or delete a existing partition

By Siten0308

Hello, so I was reading on partitioning a large table, Which i successfully did,...

PostgreSQL authenticated against Microsoft Active Directory


Can I authenticate with Active Directory and get into PostgreSQL? Version: PostgreSQL 16.1 on...

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