Zach Mattson


SQLDay 2019 – day 3 (last)


SQLDay 2019 has come to an end. Three days with workshops, technical sessions, networking...

Back with a new focus


First let me say wow can’t believe that it has been almost 3 years...

Information Measurement with SQL Server Part 4.5: The Squared L2 Family of Distances


By Steve Bolton …………In the last two installments of this series of amateur self-tutorials...

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Encyrption and change field as same time

By barry.nielson

Hello all. I am doing this to modify a field and encrypt data in...

Duplicate title

By barry.nielson

Duplicated post. plz ignore

TLS 1.2 configuration with MS SQL 2014

By adeel.imtiaz

Dear Gurus,   I have MS SQL 2014 Installed with following configurations. Windows 2016...

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