Tony Davis

DBA Hypochondria

It is easy to become overwhelmed by server symptoms (aka metrics), in the forlorn hope that the more we collect, the clearer a picture we'll assemble of what ails the server. We should, of course, be looking at the whole patient.


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Testing times

Databases are unique in IT that they are singularly resistant to 'best practice' advice. Any such advice can never be anything other than a starting position for tests in your own environment.


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SQL on-demand in Azure Synapse Analytics


The new SQL on-demand (to be renamed SQL serverless) offering within Azure Synapse Analytics...

My First Hand-built AWS CodePipeline


I’ve just completed my first, successful, AWS CodePipeline. I’m sorry to say it took...

Fixing Broken Pip


I’ve got Python 3.8 on my machine, and recently I got a note that...

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MCSA Certifications - SQL2016

By dax.latchford

Dear all - Firstly apologies if my post isn't specifically for this particular forum...

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