Edward Pochinski

sp_dba_checkblocked fix for sp_NotifyBlock

Problems with error 512 more than 1 result returned due to the operator outside of the query. Found this when tested with multiple blocks going on at once. It worked fine when there was only 1 block. Depending on the type of server there can be a "whole lot of blocking going on "Replaced with […]


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OSQL Process Watcher

These 2 files plus sleep.exe (Resource kit) gives an administrator a good view of important blocking statistics in almost a real time fashion. You can use this with profiler to obtain some unique information very fast on a lead blocker if your gathering the right counters in profiler and dumping them in a table and […]


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Script to Search SQL Error Log For a String

This script(sproc)uses xp_cmdshell from sql and FINDSTR from DOS to search the current errorlog for a specific string such as kernel or failed login. Compile this in the master db and if you do not pass an input parameter a example usage will display for you. ex: sp_dba_sqlerrorlog kernel Edward J Pochinski III

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Blogging – goal achieved – 72 days early


So I started blogging in 2016: So why blog….now? It is very interesting going...

Last Week Reading (2019-10-20)


Hello folks! 2 weeks passed but eventually, I have some news for you. Press...

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