SQLPS Meets the DMV's

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  • Nice contribution, but a little too brief of an article for me ; i'd hope to see something like what the purpose of the script is and how it would help me, instead of having to dig through code and comments to see what it's doing.

    maybe a brief explanation of the results would be helpful too.


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  • I will do another post with more of this type of code and be more specific with the next post. I took 1 line from a large powershell script I use to perform a remote capture of performance metrics. I intended to show the methods I use and also have not posted in many years up here. Currently I pull about 32 .csv files with 1 capture for review of the metrics with my current tool I use in production. I grab performance monitor data, query data, database file IO data. Thanks for the comments this will have me improve my next post, Ed.

  • The current posting grabs the performance monitor Memory Manager object and all it's underlying counters you would see if you cracked open perfmon and viewed this counter. 2 specific fields I look at are the pending and outstanding memory grants.


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