Kathi Kellenberger

Turbo for SQL Server

Searching data is an essential part of SQL Server applications, especially text searching. While Full Text Search in SQL Server 2000 works, it lacks some important features that Turbo for SQL Server can handle. Read this review of the product and see if this is a way you can enhance the search functions in your application.


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SQL Backup 3.0

SQL Server 2000 has a rock solid backup process and one that many people have relied upon for years. However with the growth in database sizes and the constant load on many database servers, a third party backup utility is almost required in many environments. Kathi Kellenberger takes a look at Red-Gate Software's SQL Backup 3.0 and how it performs in her environment.

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SQLH2: The Free Health, History and Performance Monitoring Tool

One of the strengths and powers of the SQL Server platform over others is the shear number of things that are available free from Microsoft besides the relational platform. DTS, Reporting Services, SQLAgent, and more are included with the product. One of the newer utilities is SQLH2, a performance monitoring tool that is reviewed here by Kathi Kellenberger.

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Access to SQL Server: Getting Started with Access Projects

SQL Server 2000 and Access databases are two technologies closely linked with the new Access ADP format using SQL Server as the basis for the code. Access Projects are also a way to closely link the two products together and take advantage of each to produce an application very easily. Author Kathi Kellenberger brings us part 3 of her Access series with a look at Access Projects.

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