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Who is the Best Batman in Power BI


Who is the best Batman? – A Power BI Analysis of data

who is the best batman - batman actors


Who is the best Batman? We were drinking some cold beers with some friends when someone said that Pattinson was the best Batman. People started to discuss and after 2 hours, the police had to stop the fight.

The discussion inspires me to write this article and decide on this question. Why do not we use SQL Server and Power BI to analyze the data and find out who is the best? This article will basically show how to get some charts, filters, and DAX expressions to analyze information and find out who is the best batman. I am also including the Lego Batman and the 1993 animated movie.

If you do not care about SQL Server, Power BI, or DAX, but you want to find out who is the best, this article will also help you.


  1. First of all, we need SQL Server installed.
  2. Secondly, Power BI installed
  3. Finally, we will have 2 SQL Server tables (check the resources to install them)

Get the data

We will first connect to the SQL Server tables mentioned in the requirements in Power BI. Select the option to Get data.

Get data

Also, go to Database>SQL Server database

SQL Server in Power BI

In addition, specify the SQL Server name. The period is the local SQL Server name, select import and press OK.

SQL Server database

Finally, select BatmanMovies table and bestfilms and press Load.

select sql server tables in power bi

Tables to Find Who is the Best Batman

We have two tables in SQL Server. The first one contains the Batman Movie information, including Oscar Awards, Review scores by IMDB, Rotten tomatoes, etc. Also, we include Oscar and Razzies awards.

batman movies tables

The bestfilms movies table contains all the best 1000 movies with more revenue.

best films

IMDB results using Power BI

First, in the Power BI report, we will use the stacked bar chart.

power bi imdb movie data

Secondly, drag and drop the IMDB and Movie columns from the BatmanMovies to the Chart.

IMDB who is the best batman

Thirdly, make sure to add the Year and Actor in the tooltips.

Tooltip batman

So, who is the best Batman according to the IMDB critics?

IMDB is the Internet Movie Database and it contains a lot of information about movies and TV series. The rating of IMDB is the following.

IMDB who is the best batman chart

And the winner is Christian Bale.

Here you have the final positions:

  1. Christian Bale
  2. Robert Pattinson
  3. Ben Affleck
  4. Kevin Conroy
  5. Michael Keaton
  6. Will Arnett
  7. Adam West
  8. Lewis Wilson
  9. Val Kilmer
  10. George Clooney

bale is the best batman

So, Christian Bale is the best. All of his movies are in the best position except Batman begins who is behind The Batman by Pattinson. Also, the Worst movie is Batman & Robin by George Clooney. Some people said that is one of the worst superhero movies of all time.

Now, let’s take a look at Metacritic. A site that evaluates movies.

The Metacritic results to find out Who is the best batman

metacritic year by movie

If we check the results, it is similar to IMDB. The Dark Knight is the best movie and Batman & Robin by George Clooney is the worst. Batman forever has a better position. In order to have an average, we will use the IMDB, Metacritic, Audience Rotten tomatoes score, Tomatometer score, and the Google users’ rate to evaluate the best batman.

Get the average rate in Power BI

First, in order to get the average rate, we will go to Data to create a new column to calculate this.

Go to Data in Power BI

Secondly, we will need to use some DAX formulas. Note than IMDB has the score from 1 to 10 while the other rates are between 0 and 100. Another problem with the data is that there are some blank values.

NULL values in batman table

To get the average rate we will use the following formula.

Average Score = ([Tomatometer]+[Rotten tomatoes audience]+[IMDB]*10+[Metacritic]+[Google users])/(5-IF(ISBLANK([Tomatometer]),1,0)-IF(ISBLANK([Metacritic]),1,0))

IMDB is multiplied by 10 to have the same range as the other rates. If the Tomatometer or the Metacritic have blank values, we do not count them in the average.

Also, go back to the report.

In addition, in the stacked column chart, include the Average Score column just created and the movie.

who is the best batman average score

Finally, we will find out the winners

average score batman results

The conclusion is that on average the Christian Bale’s movies are the winners. In second place is Kevin Conroy with the animated Batman movie. Pattinson is third place and then we have the Lego Batman with Will Arnett. Michael Keaton is next and then we have Ben Affleck with the Snyder’s movie.

Working with filters in Power BI – The Oscar awards

Previously, we talk about the rates from websites to find out who was the best Batman. This time the evaluation will check the Academy awards and nominations.

who is the best batman academy awards

There are several movies without academy awards and nominations. First, we will use the filters and select only the batman movies with nominations.

We will create a filter to show only the Batman movies with nominations.

filters in Power BI

Finally, we have the chart.

Academy award chart

And the winner is Christian Bale again with 2 academy awards won and 10 nominations. Second place Batman from Michael Keaton with 1 academy award. Batman forever from Val Kilmer has 3 nominations which is amazing. Then we have Batman returns and Batman begins with Keaton and Bale.

Who is the Worst Batman?

First, to find out who is the worst batman we are using the Razzie Awards won and Razzie Awards nominations. The Razzie awards show the worst movies.

who is the best batman razzie awards

Secondly, filter the data to show the information with more than 0 nominations because we don’t want to see the other films.

filters razzie movies

Finally, the winner is Batman Vs Superman with 4 Razzie awards. Second place Batman and Robin. 3rd place Batman Forever. So, Ben Affleck and George Clooney are the worst here.

batman and robin awards

Box office and Budget report

Let’s analyze the budget and the Box office. The winner here is The dark knight rises. Christian Bale is the winner again. However, it is unfair to compare a movie from the 60s, and 90s because historically, they use to get a lower Box office. So, we will get the revenue using a formula. Batman from 1989 has a low budget and a great revenue compared with the budget.

box office budget

First, we will go to Data and we will create a formula to measure the profit.

Go to Data

The following formula measures the budget compared with the Box office. If you spend 3 million in the budget, but you earn 6 million, the formula will return a 200 % profit ((6/3)*100).

Formula in power bi

Profit % = ([Box office in millions]/[Budget in millions])*100

If we return to the report and check the profit, we will see that Michael Keaton is the winner of the 1989 movie. With a lower budget, he got an amazing Box office. In the second place, we have Bale and in third place Pattinson. Keaton earns 8 times his budget. The animated films got a pretty bad position and Batman & Robin is among the worst movies as always.

who is the best batman profit

Batman Compared

We will compare now Batman in 1989 with older movies. For this purpose, we have a table with the 1000 Top Lifetime Grosses.

First, we will use the bestfilms table and include the lifetime gross and movie Title in the report.

batman of all times

Secondly, add a filter to see movies before 1990 to analyze Batman in 1989. We want to see only movies with a box office higher than 350 million.

filter best movies

Batman in 1989 was the 8th film on Top Lifetime Gross.

Batman in 1989

Finally, we will compare it with Bale, what was his position in 2008?

As you can see, Batman with the Dark Knight had 8th place. It was better than any superhero. Better than Iron Man or any avenger.

Batman in 2008


In this article, we get the average rates from rotten tomatoes, Google user options, Metacritic and IMDB and find out that Christian Bale is the best batman and George Clooney is the worst. Also, we then verified the Oscar Awards and we had Christian Bale as the winner. To find out the worst we analyzed the Razzie awards and we found that the Batman vs Superman with Ben Affleck is the worst and then we had Clooney again. Finally, we analyzed the Batman 1989 revenue from Michael Keaton vs the 2008 Batman movie from Bale and we had a tie. Both had a spectacular gross revenue for their age.

So, with all that said, our winner is…(drums)…

Christian Bale. Personally, I prefer Keaton, but the numbers do not lie.

Christian Bale is the best batman



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