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The Guru's Guide to T-SQL


The Guru's Guide to T-SQL

by Ken Henderson

5 Stars

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I think this may be my bible for T-SQL. Lots of query techniques and

ideas for programming

in new ways. I think this is a great book for the intermediate to advanced

programmer who

wants to write better T-SQL. A forward by Joe Celko, one of the most

respected database

programming authors of the past ten years.

I have learned quite a bit by reading this book and plan to

continue to use it for reference for the foreseeable future. I even learned

how to solve a SQL problem that

has bothered me for over a year and no postings in the newsgroups have


For intermediate to advanced SQL programmers, this book is a great read

and a

worthwhile reference. There are even a number of undocumented functions


in the book. For begining SQL developers, it may eb a bit overwhelming, but

still worth the

purchase price to learn some advanced lessons and good habits early on.

Steve Jones

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