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Book Review:Admin 911: SQL Server 2000


Admin 911:SQL Server 2000

by Brian Knight

5 Stars -

Admin911: SQL Server by Brian Knight.

I was asked by Mr. Knight to give this a review as it is the first in this

series on databases. I have not read any of the other 911 series, but I have

read lots of articles by Mr. Knight, who is a contributor to www.sqlservercentral.com, SQL Server Magazine, and wrote Professional DTS. This book was not


There is no "Who this book is for" section, but I immediately thought that

this is a book I could give my system admin and he would be able to accomplish

some tasks. The book is a good reference for understanding how to solve some

simple admin tasks that often come up. This is more of what I expected from the

SQL Server Black Book (below).

Each section of the book contains enough detail to accomplish a task and gain

a basic understanding of what concepts are involved. Another reference is needed

for lots of detail, but no book will cover every topic in detail. This book

provides reasons for choosing a particular technique for a task as well as other

references in places. I especially like the references to the Q articles on the

Microsoft Technet site. It's nice to be able to find more detail easily.

The book is also organized well and each chapter sticks with the topics for

that chapter without wandering. Not many people will know everything about SQL

Server, and while I know much of the information in the book, I learned a few

things and the book kept me interested.

There is not much that I did not like about the book. I found a number of

typos (4-5 in the first three chapters), but overall the book is well written

and edited. I recommend this book for DBAs of all levels.

Steve Jones

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