The Best of - Vol. 2


The Best of SQL Server Central - Volume 2

A name change and another compilation of articles from the site. Last year we published The Best of SQL Server - 2002, our first book project after floating the idea to a bunch of you. It was a success, not so much financially, but more because we got rid of them all :).

I'm pleased to announce that we decided to do another one. We changed the name and as you read this, The Best of - Vol. 2 is at the printer and will be shipping in two weeks. It's another collection of the most popular articles from the past year, including at least one from each author.

We'd like to thank everyone for purchasing a copy last year and supporting us and we hope it was a good resource for you. This year's edition is a bit smaller, about 216 pages, but also less expensive. We're charging US$10 + shipping for you to have some great SQL content on your bookshelf, on the plane, or by your bed to help you drop off. We're also selling the pdf version this year for US$8 delivered to your email inbox. Well at least a link delivered; you still have to download it.

We hope you'll take a look and support us by snagging a copy and thanks for all your support.

Andy Warren

Brian Knight

Steve Jones