Ten Reasons to Attend the PASS Summit


10 Reasons to Come to the 2007 PASS Summit in Denver

The 2007 PASS Summit takes place in a little over a month in my current town, Denver! It's the premier SQL Server event of the year and is even featured on MSDN. Microsoft provides a lot of support for this event and there are usually lots of SQL Server developers who will be there to answer your questions, give presentations, and in general make your SQL Server world a little better.

If you are ready to register, be sure you use the Source Code of "SSC". So in keeping with the tradition of David Letterman, here we go:

10. Sponsors - I know everyone wants to get some swag, so come on out. This year, in a very shameless plug of my own, I'm a part of two sponsors of the event: SQLServerCentral.com and End to End Training. There will be more and they'll be focused on SQL Server, so you don't have to wade through the Exchange and AD booths to find something relevant.

9. Real World Solutions - Even with a whole slew of developers from Microsoft, they'll also be a number of speakers from companies out there in the real world. Companies just like yours that face the same challenges and issues that yours do. They just happen to have a DBA that's willing to share from of his knowledge. The session list includes speakers like Andy Leonard (congrats on his new kid!), Ashton Hobbs, Peter Debetta, Paul Neilson, Allen White, and more.

8. THE SOURCE - A number of very experienced and talented Microsoft developers will be there like Donald Farmer, Dan Jones, Michael Rys, and more. Most of these people are good speakers and I've not seen them turn away anyone with a question after one of their sessions. If you've got a thorny problem with some aspect of SQL Server, it's worth the trip alone just to meet some of these people.

7. The center of the US - Maybe it's not the exact center, and maybe there aren't that many direct flights from Europe, but Denver is located between the coasts and is a beautiful city. I'm predicting sunny, warm weather, but not too hot. Lots of outdoor activities, hiking in beautiful mountains that are less than an hour away. Come for the weekend!

6. The Pre-Conference - This is a short, 3 day conference, so you can get in and out quickly. But if you can spare an extra day or two, I've not heard complaints from anyone attending the pre-conference seminars. They're well run, with great speakers and lots of good technical content. Kalen Delaney, Gert Draper, Itzak Ben-Gan and more are giving them, so check them out.

5. Denver Broncos - The Broncos are in town for home games on both weekends bracketing the conference. The Raiders are in town on the 16th and tickets will be scarce, but the 49ers come the 23rd and it should be a bit easier to get a seat to that one. NFL football is great and Mile High stadium is an amazing place! Actually the Rockies are also in town, if you want to catch a game one night.

4. Hands on Labs - There will be people from the PSS team, who are great if you ever have to call them. They prepare a number of labs for you to actually try different technologies out and if you have problems, guess what? The people who can help are are a few steps away!

3. Consultants - Face it, with the growth of the SQL Server platform to include many new technologies, most of us can't be experts in all of them. At some point you will likely want to call in a consultant to help you out. And many of the speakers that will be giving real world presentations are consultants themselves, specializing in some aspect of SQL Server. Look through the speaker list and if you've got a problem, check out their seminars. You might find a consultant you think is worth hiring!

2. Katmai - Who knows when the bits will actually get released, but come get some information and decide if you should wait to upgrade.

And the number one reason is....

1. The SQLServerCentral.com Reception! - We're doing it again, Tuesday night. I'm not sure where, but I'll have a room soon and we've got more casino entertainment for you with the chance to win quite a few prizes. I've got new polo shirts to give away to everyone that registers for the conference with the source code of "SSC". We're hoping our printer gets books done, but with 60+ prizes and 150 people attending, chances are pretty good you'll walk away with something.

So Register today! and don't forget to use the Source Code of "SSC"!