Public Data Sets



I am trying to keep a list of data sets available to the public for data professionals to download and use. These are good for learning analysis, reporting, visualizations or more and I'd encourage you to spend time with these sets.

Note that all of these sources have free data, but some may charge for specific data sets.

If you have one you'd like listed, send me a note or leave a comment in the discussion. If you write about how to download or manipulate these sets, let me know, or submit an article here on the site.

Public Data Sets

These are the sets and I've tried to put them in some sort of order. If you have comments or suggestions, let me know:

Government Data


For those of you interested in sports

Health Data

We are all getting older and health information is becoming more and more important to track and analyze for the world.


Some weather sources you can work with.


Miscellaneous and General Facts

Misc sources. Let me know if you want these moved elsewhere.

Spatial Datasets

Dataset Lists

I know I can't keep up here, so I'm linking to a few places that do try to manage lists of data sets.

As mentioned, let me know if I've missed anything big.


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4.94 (17)