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Prove Your Case and Win a Buck!


I came across this problem article on TechNet, and couldn't help but be

amused.  Forgive my superiority complex (I think I have good Kung-Fu,

therefore I do...), but I'll PayPal you a buck if

you can convince me that you have a good reason for your database design to be

the victim of this "by design" ADO delete method issue. I don't think that you

can, but I'm willing to listen and learn.  Here's the TechNet article

number: Q294850. 

I've budgeted five dollars, and I plan to keep them all - just to be clear, that

means a limit of five people can take my money and win a place in history. 

Contest ends July 4, 2001.

Read the article carefully, paying close attention to ALL of the

requirements for this to be a problem.