Lumigent Technologies Introduces Data Auditing Solution for Oracle


Lumigent Technologies, Inc., developer of award-winning data auditing solutions, today unveiled Entegra™ for Oracle® databases. This enterprise-level software helps organizations maintain the integrity of their data, reduce the risk of inappropriate changes and access to data, and meet compliance regulations.

Data auditing solves today’s demand for accountability and transparency of corporate data. Because enterprises house significant amounts of sensitive information in databases, they must ensure the integrity of this data and be able to document that it is accessed and used only in appropriate ways. Often, changes in corporate data occur when a company least suspects, such as when an authorized user alters data either unknowingly or maliciously. Human error or fraudulent activity in databases can have disastrous effects on a company’s brand, reputation, and ability to acquire and retain customers.

Maintaining complete records of data access and use through a comprehensive, perpetual database audit trail protects an organization against many kinds of loss that may otherwise go undetected. With insight into the who, what, when, and how of data access and changes, organizations are better equipped to address risk management and regulatory compliance requirements.

A major catalyst for database auditing in 2004 is the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, under which financial misrepresentation by public companies is punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both. Public companies must be prepared for the first year-end reporting at the end of 2004 under Sarbanes-Oxley. Other regulations that require database auditing include HIPAA, The USA Patriot Act, GLBA, and many more.

With Entegra, organizations that use Oracle databases to store critical data can:

Assure end-to-end integrity of financial transactions for regulatory compliance through transparency of who did what to the data when

Detect and analyze breaches in user and application behavior (intentional or accidental)

Monitor critical data for unauthorized changes and approved changes by privileged users that occur outside of application controls and security measures

Validate policies and controls for protecting sensitive data and continually monitor the effectiveness of these polices and controls.

Rapidly respond to violations and vulnerabilities

"Enterprises should provide comprehensive audit trails that show who altered information, what was changed, and when changes occurred," noted Kevin Strange, vice president and research director, Gartner. "To meet this need, enterprises could develop mechanisms to monitor data usage or deploy data auditing software that continuously monitors data and proves accountability by obtaining and maintaining complete records of data access and use."

Entegra for Oracle provides a comprehensive alternative to traditional data auditing means: application modification, database triggers, and packet sniffing, all of which are costly, incomplete, and introduce risk. They can degrade database performance, ignore database vulnerabilities, and be difficult to manage and maintain. Entegra’s unified management console and consolidated repository ease deployment and administration of an enterprise’s databases, and provide complete, precise information on database access and changes.

Producing and distributing reports on audit information is also critical, so managers throughout the organization can review business activity, validate policies and procedures, manage exceptions effectively, and respond quickly. Customizing reports with Entegra for internal and external audits is simple; the Entegra Report Server is based on Crystal Enterprise™, which is shipped with Entegra for Oracle to support reporting, and includes report templates that can be used or customized easily by the end-user organization.

Pricing and Availability

Entegra for Oracle is available at the end of June from Lumigent Technologies with support for Oracle8i™ and Oracle9i™ platforms on UNIX® and Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. This release supports Solaris™; future versions in 2004 will support HP-UX® and LINUX®.

Entegra is a distributed application that is licensed based on number of servers hosting audited databases. A typical configuration for a single server begins at $20,000 for a base system. Additional servers begin at $10,000, depending on server configuration. Volume pricing discounts are available.

About Lumigent Technologies

Lumigent Technologies Inc. is the leader in enterprise data auditing solutions for organizations that need to reduce risk associated with regulatory compliance and the use of corporate data assets. The company is privately held and is based in Acton, Massachusetts. For further information, please call 866.586.4436, or visit