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Organize and validate your SQL scripts using a multi developer tool

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (November, 2004) - For Immediate Release

For more information, contact:

Mattias Fagerlund, Senior Developer and Product Manager

Eldean AB, S:t Eriksgatan 46, 112 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Tel +46 (0) 708-59 15 47

Organize and validate your SQL scripts using a multi developer tool

Eldean AB has released VersionStar for beta testing – an application that helps developers organize and validate SQL scripts in a multi developer environment.

VersionStar is a script management tool that allows multiple developers to develop scripts without corrupting production databases through script interference. With VersionStar, scripts are always applied consistently and in a predictable order - protecting developers from lost or forgotten scripts. VersionStar also protects against scripts that are introduced out of order and break later scripts. It organizes the process of storing scripts, verifying their quality and applying them to one or several servers.

The core idea for VersionStar is that you should test your scripts together with all other scripts that are about to be deployed – even those developed by other developers – then repeat the process in quality assurance before you move on to production. Scripts must be applied in the exact same order for each of these steps, otherwise the test is compromised.

Version controlling scripts is made easy through extensive version control system (VCS) integration, allowing developers to check scripts in and out of the VCS from the VersionStar application. VersionStar supports all major VCS vendors.

VersionStar lets users apply scripts to offsite servers by creating a stand alone application that can be sent to clients. These applications can be fully automated, requiring no user input.

The script creation process does not change with VersionStar; developers still create scripts by hand or using a tool, but VersionStar takes care of the script as soon as it’s ready for testing. Scripts are brought through development, quality assurance and on to production – all organized with VersionStar.

VersionStar it currently tested with SQL Server but other platforms are being planned for.

The pricing has yet to be determined, but a per-developer pricing scheme is planned.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

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