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Over the last six months we've removed a lot of advertising from this site. No more page peels, no side or bottom banners, just a limited amount of banners from Google at the top and a single ad in the newsletter. You may have also noticed that we've advertised for a very limited amount of customers.

We're expanding our reach here in effort to be more of an open community and ensure that all companies have a way to let you know about their products. It's not more advertising, but we are opening up a number of our newsletter slots every month for sale to anyone that wants to advertise.

No limits, censorship, or restriction on your advertisement, as some people have mentioned. Not sure I'll run a "Steve Jones Sucks" ad, and I reserve the right to not take offensive, immoral, or personal attack ads, but I'm not stopping anyone from running the same ad they'd run at SQLMag, SQL Team, or other sites here.

Why am I putting this out?

Well, I have a sales guy (not me, hate sales, don't get money, can't sell so it doesn't matter), but he doesn't know everyone and lots of you might assume this site is limited to one vendor.

It's not and I'm putting this out so if anyone wants to advertise with us, contact for details.

A few quick notes:

  • We serve over a million pages a month here at the site.
  • The newsletter goes out to over 200,000 DBAs, developers and people interested in SQL Server every day.
  • This is a core audience of people working with SQL Server, mostly DBAs and developers.
  • In the past we have been seen as a very effective vehicle for sales and leads.