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  • RE: Sql server 2k5 slower on Win 7 than on Vista

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. I am not worried about the original execution time of 15 mins. The script migrates data from an old...

  • RE: SQL2005 vs SQL2000 Compatibility issue

    If the update works properly in the new 2005 environment, but not in the old 2000 environment I would take a practical approach and move everything to 2005. Then...

  • RE: SQL2005 vs SQL2000 Compatibility issue

    Which compatibility level are you running on the 2005 database?



  • RE: sp_executesql Equivalent in Oracle...

    When you re-write your procedure use "execute immediate" and not package dbms_sql. This package is very powerful, but syntactically a nightmare.

    Also, you cannot issue a select statement inside a...

  • RE: Trigger problem

    I cannot judge whether your circular relationship between tables 1 and 2 is a good thing. To stop the recursion I would use Noeld's construct, but with function trigger_nestlevel(...

  • RE: Trigger problem

    You can also test the trigger recursion with function trigger_nestlevel (see BOL) and stop recursion when the nest level exceeds 0. This method is specific to 1 trigger...

  • RE: Capture collation of remote database

    Tried and failed. The string can evaluate to something like this:




  • RE: The Service Broker Alphaet Part 2


    Your first half tag appears to point to the same document.  I can't get to Part 1, A - O from there.


  • RE: SQL Server Adventures for the Oracle DBA

    It would be nice to merge the best of breed from both languages. 

    How much longer will it take Oracle to replace dbms_output.put_line with a simple PRINT statement that has...

  • RE: Replace the cursor with array

    sql svr ist not as fast in cursor mode as oracle, but cursing through a loop n times calling 15 procedures (is that your plan?) should not be significantly slower.


  • RE: Read Only Tables

    I have implemented 2 tracking systems, which track changes of drillhole information in a mining-related data management system.  The 2 systems share some code, but operate independantly. Record tracking, when...

  • RE: Convert Oracle to SQL Server

    We use @@trancount just as boundary marker in cascading transactions. The auditing trigger in a child table starts like this:

       if @@trancount > 1


    A transaction count greater than 1...

  • RE: Convert Oracle to SQL Server

    DBCC OPENTRAN  will give you information about the oldest active transaction.  However, if you are looking to identify the start/end of a transaction in PL/SQL using DBMS_TRANSACTION.local_transaction_id you'll have to re-think...

  • RE: Oracle and SQL Server Data Interoperability Issues - Part 1

    There's another subtle difference about varchars.  The maximum field width is 4000 as you mentioned, but the declaration of a varchar variable in PL/SQL can be as large as 32767...

  • RE: Is a Temporary Table Really Necessary?

    Sql Server 7 ( if I remember correctly) had a problem creating a temp table inside a procedure.  Select into ..where 1=2 was the only way to get around this...

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 57 total)