SQL Server Adventures for the Oracle DBA

  • good article, sounds like it was valuable, if difficult experience.  I spent years on DB2 before getting (accidentally) into SQL Server (and sometimes feel like I've been downgraded from a Rolls Royce to a Toyota Tazz - sshhhhhhhhh... ).  Cursors are well-implemented in DB2 & obviously in Oracle as well so I tend to say that it's not using cursors that is a bad thing, but Ms's bad implementation of them.

    Interesting that you had to do so much DBA work - I think things tend to be a bit more formal on the 'bigger' db's, with more clearly defined roles, & the bigger SQL Server gets, the more SS installations will have to move in that direction.  I still trip over things that I think ought to be there and aren't - mainly automation and operational processing things, like automatically allocating the resources needed to recover a db.

    Sounds like you survived anyway




  • It would be nice to merge the best of breed from both languages. 

    How much longer will it take Oracle to replace dbms_output.put_line with a simple PRINT statement that has no limits on chars per session.

    On the other hand I like the better control of trigger firing in Oracle unfortunately instead-of triggers on tables don't exist.

    The list goes on and on ...

    I cannot imagine how anyone could write large pl/sql programs in SQLPLUS. Toad, even if it crashes regurlarly and costs a fair bit of money these days, is a god send.

    I find it takes several hours when switching from Oracle to Sql Svr or vice versa before I stop making silly mistakes. It's comforting to know I am not the only one stuggling to adjust to the other RDBMS.




  • I enjoyed your article as I'm struggling thru the forest heading in the other direction.  I believe there is a need out there for a series of books "Database A for the Database B Developer/DBA".  The series should include helpful tips like a comparison between isnull and nvl.  One thing I found is that a SQL Server isnull(value, '') will return a zero-length string if the value is null where as an Oracle nvl(value, '') seems to return a null.  I'm guessing that Oracle doesn't like zero-length string???

    Ona another note -- people that will yell at you without training you are generally not confident or competent in their supposed area of expertice.  They are generally threatened by your questions and are trying to get rid of you.  While it's tough to be in a situation like that, you should take it as a back-handed compliment.  You knew something they didn't and figured out what they new.  You walked out of that situation with twice the knowledge.  That shows character that is worth it's weight in gold.  BTW -- are you looking for work

    --Paul Hunter

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